Friday, April 4, 2008

And Now Some Good News

It's a beautiful, green, rainy afternoon. My Benjamin is napping, the dishes are done and the soup is stewing. I wanted to share something positive after my previous post. Perhaps this can be a trend, alternating painful stories with something cheerful. I wouldn't want my blog to be such a depressing place to visit!

Today was Park Day for my local homeschool group. (That's right.... I birth at home.... I breastfeed.... and I homeschool my children!! Pretty Crazy, eh?)

Well, the forecast was 50% chance of rain. One time, when I said that in front of my 4 year old daughter she looked up at her daddy and asked, "50% chance of rain, what does that mean, daddy?"

He answered her succinctly, "That means that it might rain. Or it might not." rained!

And in true homeschooler fashion we made the most of it.

Muddy wet feet.
Slippery slides and swings.
Oatmeal cookies shared between sandy, damp hands.

And, after the clouds had cleared and the rain had slowed, everything in the park glowed in that vibrant green that only exists after a "good" rain. Such a beautiful green glow.

With cheerful children's laughter in the background, I thought to myself:

Birth brings with it more than the New Baby. For the New Mother, Birth brings the opportunity for growth and renewal just as a Spring Rain offers a cleansing and a new hue to the landscape.

May more New Mothers realise the opportunities that Birth can Bring!

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